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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

ATXT80 or SUPERALLTXT80 or GOTEXTDF80: ALL have 100 texts to All-Net valid for 30 days plus combo trick.

Globe Prepaid | GoSakto Promo: ATXT80 or SUPERALLTXT80 or GOTEXTDF80 + Addon combo trick details to get more text and call.

ATXT80  or SUPERALLTXT80 or  GOTEXTDF80  to 8080
100 texts to all networks 
30 days
Php 80.00
ATXT80 or SUPERALLTXT80 or GOTEXTDF80: 100 Texts to All Networks for 30 Days
Promo Details
- 100 texts to all networks
- Valid for 30 days
- Requires 80 PHP LOAD

Text ATXT80 to 8080 or you can also text SUPERALLTXT80 or GOTEXTDF80 to 8080
*GLOBE subscribers only.

Best and Cheapest Text and Call "Add-on":

(1) GOTSCOMBOHAA17 : 1000 Texts to All Networks + 10MB Surfing
Promo Details
- Text GOTSCOMBOHAA17 to 8080 
- 1000 texts to all networks
- 10MB mobile data
- Valid for 1 day
-Requires 17 PHP LOAD
(2) Text GOCOMBOGHBFA18 to 8080
Promo Details
- GOCOMBOGHBFA18 tjo 8080
- 1000 texts to all networks
- 500 mins call)
- Requires 18 PHP LOAD

*This promo is available to GLOBE subscribers only.

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